Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello fellow bloggers. I worked at home last Tuesday and sat at my computer with the window beside me open. A nice breeze was blowing my way, there was no humidity in the air, the birds were singing and I was just enjoying the day. I realized that the Fall of the year is my favorite season and these are some of the reasons.

1. There is no or low humidity, which is a real blessing after our hot humid summers.
2. The sky is that particular color of blue that is so breathtaking.
3. The leaves are just starting to turn color now and soon they will be dressing in their finest colors.
4. There is feeling in the air that everything is ready to rest for a season.
5. Pumpkin and Sweet Potato pie
6. It's cool enough that I'm not sweating under my clothes. I hate that hot sticky feeling.
7. I don't particularly like to participate in dressing in costume for Halloween, but I love to see other people's creativity.
8. The Harvest Moon.
9. Yellow mums
10. That crisp cool snap in the mornings that wake you up and make you glad to be alive, live in the south so that you can appreciate the change of the seasons and just generally are at peace in your little part of the world.

Love to all

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Anita said...

I remember the year you dressed as a witch! You look great when you dress up for Halloween :) Love back at you! We miss you guys.