Saturday, September 5, 2009

I know, I know. It has been a very long time since I set down to blog. It has been an eventful summer.

Ben and Anita and all the kiddies came home for the 4th of July. They were here for 10 days more or less. It was great fun. The house and yard were full of family and friends and, as usual, the boys outdid themselves on the fireworks. They have now bought a house in Oklahoma and will be moving into the new location soon.

I had to have 3 breast biopsies done over the summer. Man did I sweat that. Not only was it painful but the adhesive tape used on the first two just blistered my skin unmercifully. That hurt worse than the actual biopsy. The last one was more painful but no tape. Thank goodness all of them were benign (or as Reed says, B9 and BINGO).

I have just read a very good book I picked up in the used book store and I'm going to recommend it for book club if they haven't already read it. It's by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey and the title is A WOMAN OF INDEPENDENT MEANS. It was inspiring and a little sad. It tells the life of a woman thru her letters to other people. I just loved it.

Kiersten will be spending the weekend with us next while Kristi and Mike go to a family wedding. I am so excited. I love having her with me and taking her shopping. She is such a young lady and I feel that I need to be with her as much as possible at this time. She can't escape because she can't drive yet and she doesn't get attitude when I get a little silly. She just gets silly right along with me. I don't think that will last much longer. High School, seminary and dances are right around the corner (gasp!!!) and she probably will not want to spend time nor have the time to spend a lot of it with Noni and Papa. I'm getting depressed. Got to go. Love to all.


Anita said...

Noni, if you take her shopping, I'm sure you'll be able to get Kiersten to spend time with you anytime! Besides, you're such a cool grandma to have! Glad they were all "B9"!

scchesleys said...

Kiersten is pretty excited to go shopping with noni. Her mommy isn't much of a shopper as you know. I'm actually wondering what she's going to talk you into buying for her. She's devious that way.